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Most of us sense frustration as we try to decipher our complex healthcare system. Yet this intentional confusion, forcing patients and families toward medical and economic peril, is fostered by moneyed-interest. Exposure of this power is shunned by the media as our nation is propagandized by high-priced public relations.

That is why I now present to you a new venue of information and critical thinking: SCV Physician Report.

The Santa Clarita Valley represents a microcosm of our country regionally and nationally, therefore analytic reporting and skeptical voices locally are echoed nationwide. Focusing on the elder senior population through Seniorhood will be a priority as they face multiple challenges including a tangled Medicare system that needs unraveling.

Awareness of your limited time requires navigating a simple and brief website. The front page will display the most recent articles, and one will be able to find previous postings easily. More importantly, contributing writers in YourCommentary will add toward our objective of searching for solutions.

As this site evolves with molding from our readers, regularity of postings have yet to be established. Hopefully, several times a month you will receive via e-mail the “SCVPR” or go to the website to find interesting humanitarian stories through Profiles in Medicine.

Exercising your First Amendment rights without fear is what many have fought for in our nation’s history. Therefore, every few weeks under Military Salute, a Santa Clarita family or soldier/veteran will be recognized for their service.

I would be derelict not to mention Dave Bossert and The SCV Beacon allowing me a voice in our community. Despite a constant onslaught, he continues to post my articles because of his belief in free speech, and I thank and honor him for that commitment. Je suis Dave; and je suis Charlie.

It is now your turn to meet the challenge, gather information, critically analyze the facts, and give your opinion.

Assuring our voices are heard has never been more important.

Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.
SCV Physician Report

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