Doctor’s Diary December 23, 2017: Grace

(Snippets from the frontline)


She was a teacher, retiring at age 65 and traveling the world finally seeing countries she passionately illuminated for her students.

Grace wanted those she taught to be invigorated by their spirit of curiosity.  Even in her mid-90s, she remained active tutoring and inspiring young inquisitiveness.

Students loved her, keeping in touch years after graduation sending birthday and Christmas cards. 

Her favorite day was Christmas, as her family would gather at her home for celebration.   

Always in good health she avoided hospitals, but in the final years of life, got quick “tune-ups” to keep her going.  Now on palliative care, she knew her healthcare options were limited.  After a fall and then bedridden, she re-emphasized what she wanted in her end-of-life wishes. 

I let her family know, and she was put on hospice.  Fading in strength, her family and students came surrounding her with love.

Grace died on Christmas Day, her favorite day.  She was in her own home; in her own bed; resting on her own pillow; and with those she loved.   

This is what Grace wanted.

Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.


  • Karla Edwards says:

    Thank you, Dr. Dorio, for your Doctor’s Diary postings – I enjoy them !

  • Thank you for your work. As a result of reading your columns for several years, I have begun to ponder the Imponderable–how I would like to exit our planet: At home, with morphine pro re nata and with family and friends perforce.

    Could such care be possible in this country for all our people? I would like to link your web site to one I am writing.


    H.E.Butler III M.D., F.A.C.S.
    Instructor, Psychiatry, E.V.M.S.

  • Jerry Krakowski says:

    A great Christmas story. I can imagine Spielberg making a movie with
    Grace Kelly in the role of Grace, and Clark Gable in the role of the
    warmhearted doctor.

    Jerry Krakowski

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