Doctor’s Diary October 21, 2017: A phone call away

(Snippets from the frontline)

A phone call away

Your loved one has been admitted to a hospital.  What is the diagnosis and prognosis?

Here are suggestions how to stay up to date:

1. The “Attending” doctor is your source of information as they are the quarterback of the medical team. 

2. Have one family member designated as the primary contact.  This designee will then distribute medical information back to family and friends. 

3. Be organized and succinct in your questions.  Assume you have only 5 minutes of discussion.

4. Keep good notes.

5. Make sure the hospital has correct contact information.

6. Know hospital visiting hours.

7. Note your loved one’s room and phone number, plus the nurse’s station number.

8. Test if there is cell reception for their phone, and bring their charger.

9. Check if there is hospital Wi-Fi.

10. For ICU patients, daily communication is mandatory.

The family and medical team have a mutual obligation to the patient, and we are all just a phone call away.

Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.

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