Dr. Gene Uzawa Dorio practices geriatric, palliative, and hospice care in Santa Clarita, California.

Foremost, he is an advocate for healthcare to every citizen of our country. With corporate America taking over this care, voices need to be heard fighting back special interests and lobbyists. He believes his mantra: “Our children and grandchildren will not be able to financially compete in the world marketplace unless we have an adequate healthcare system.”

Change can occur at a grassroots level, but it can only come when opinions are shared, ideas are created, and voices amplified over moneyed-interest. The public must gain truthful information and enlightenment in order to participate in this discussion. The goal of SCVPR is to forge our innate creativity blended with common sense to reach forward and grasp the rights taken from the people. Presenting our voices will arm us for this battle.

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