Doctor’s Diary January 20, 2018: Being au naturel

(Snippets from the frontline)

Being au naturel

Sometimes statistics are baffling. 

Why do many autoimmune diseases (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lupus, multiple sclerosis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, etc.) effect significantly more women than men? 

Most medical scholars feel it is related to the female menstrual cycle. 

The etiology of autoimmune disease is a “trigger” that sets off antibodies attacking the bodies own tissue.  But could there be something else other than monthly hormonal changes?

What about makeup, hair dye, and fingernail polish?  Could these be absorbed causing an autoimmune reaction in certain sensitive women skewing statistics?  Scientists, of course employed by these mega-corporations, say “no.”   But do we know?

Some women feel these add allure and attractiveness.  Even wearing high heels for more shapely legs is awkward, cramps toes, and make women workplace ballerinas. 

Men are considered attractive without makeup and high heels, so why should women potentially impact their health?

The empowerment of women should include being au naturel.  Going makeup free, not using hair dye, abandoning fingernail polish, and tossing high heels still means you will be loved.

Maybe some of the autoimmune diseases will dissipate also.

Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.

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