Doctor’s Diary September 30, 2017: Cancer – the stop button

(Snippets from the frontline)

Cancer:  The stop button

Body cells multiply allowing growth and development.  Some cells grow slowly, while others rapidly, all controlled by DNA.

When you cut your skin, a scab forms encasing the wound allowing cells to proliferate and heal from below.  The scab falls off and DNA tells the cells to stop dividing, completing the healing process.

Cancers are cells that continue to multiply out of control, forming tumor masses extracting nutrients and starving normal functioning cells.

Genetic engineering research is on the verge of finding the DNA “stop button” including the ones lost in cancer cells.  Cured.

But cancer treatment and prevention is a huge industry.  Could this technology be hidden or suppressed to sustain profits?  Please be mindful of this potential tactic. 

Hopefully one day our great grandkids will ask…”What was cancer?”

Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.


  • Marsii DeGrasse says:

    My daughter suffered from a cancer called Neuroblastoma at age 2. She also suffered from a paraneoplastic syndrome called Opsconus Myoclonus Syndrome. Her super wise immune system recognized the malfunction and attacked this tumor feverently. Unfortunately, her immune system couldn’t recognize the difference between her tumor and her cerebellum and attacked it as well. This caused unbelievably paralyzingly neurological symptoms which were more devastating than the cancer itself. But…her immune system contained her cancer and thankfully we were able to contain her immune system and stop the damage it was causing. She’s 19 today and living a “normal” life.

    I sent a letter to the President and Oprah (no I’m not kidding) about this phenomena I’d never heard of. The answer is within our own immune system….if we can only harness it. Big Pharma won’t allow it. I’m a medical professional myself…I hope and pray the motives are not as sinister as they seem.

    The answer to cancer is right underneath our noses. Like you Dr. Dorio, I hope and pray cancer is only a word we look up on Wikipedia and never experience its ugliness.

    Thanks for bringing this to light. Nice seeing you the other day!

  • Since each of us has had horrific cancer deaths among close friends and relatives, we would suspect no one would do such a thing.

    A cancer cure would be highly profitable for many years.

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