Doctor’s Diary September 18, 2017: Skin in the game

(Snippets from the frontline)

Skin in the game

Our nightmare has begun again as lawmakers are going at it in Washington, D.C. to develop healthcare legislation for the American people.  We all know though Congresspeople have their own insurance plan allowing total coverage and benefits, with small deductibles and minimal drug costs.

For us, you can expect a complicated, special interest written, high cost version of what we have had in the past.

Instead, let the special interest group led by American citizens demand our legislators live under the laws they make.  Force them to have “skin in the game” from the onset, as this will provide impetus for better healthcare legislation.

Americans will sleep better at night.

Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.


  • Gail says:

    When special interests have the money to effect how our representatives vote the system no longer becomes a system for the people. Money again seems to be the problem that is blocking the best solutions for the people whom need it the mosty

  • Tell Congress that they have to use Medicare for their own healthcare and see how fast they’ll fix it!

  • Barbara s. Cochran says:

    I agree with you, Dr. Dorio. Also, is there a copy of their plan available to the public? Like Dr. Butler, I would also like a copy of their plan or at least know where I can get one.

  • Can you send a copy of the plan Congress has?

  • Pam Ross says:

    How did this concept that Congress is exempt from “the American people healthcare” and can have “premium, low cost health care” begin? Why has it never come up in the discussions of healthcare during the either house’s debate on the subject. And finally, what is the mechanism to bring that point to the “elite” class of people called congress persons? Of course it is easier to devise a plan if it does not affect you. That’s a no brainer. I have heard this point for years from the “commoners”, but never heard it addressed by the law makers.

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