Doctor’s Diary November 23, 2017: Thankful for a high school education

(Snippets from the frontline on Thanksgiving Day)

Thankful for a high school education

The company was re-locating from Maryland but valued his tool-making skills, so they brought Ralph H. Ruud along in 1935.  He barely had a high school education, yet visiting his home on a housecall revealed photos of him with US Presidents and astronauts dating back decades.

His east-coast company settled in El Segundo, California, establishing itself as North American Aviation.  Despite his education level, Ralph knew early recognition of his expertise allowed opportunity for advancement.

He told me President Roosevelt came to their facility in 1942 and requested they manufacture 4,000 planes.  Over the next three years, they delivered 45,000, helping to win the war.

Perseverance, creativity, and thinking outside the box catapulted this high school graduate and moved him up the ladder.  From head of manufacturing to Board of Directors, not only were wars won, but astronauts put on the moon. 

Regardless of your background, anyone can contribute to society.  More importantly, recognizing talent of those around us and providing opportunity cultivates success, and strengthens our country moving forward.

We can only be thankful.

Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.

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  • Aron and Jo Lasky says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Dr. Dorio.
    We, among thousands of your friends and patients, are thankful for you!
    We love you!

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