Doctor’s Diary February 7, 2018: Retirement worry

(Snippets from the frontline)

Retirement worry

Some want to retire, while others are forced to retire.  We rely on savings, social security, investments, retirement benefits, and family.  In reality, you don’t know how much money you need because you don’t know how long you will live. 

This dichotomy is the crux of retirement and the creator of senior financial worry.  Will lifelong accumulated funds be sufficient?  Could unforeseen future expenses quickly evaporate your nest egg? 

Therefore, here are suggestions to lessen your fear:

* Avoid retirement, or try to work part time;

* if you didn’t like your work, retool.  Go back to school; stay technology savvy;

* remain engaged in your community through volunteering, church, community centers, and social clubs to cultivate a “network” for potential future employment;

* maintain interaction with younger generations by spreading your experience while learning about theirs;

* medically preserve your sense of vision and hearing to sustain communication skills;

* exercise so you remain mobile;

* if you can’t drive, learn your transit system, how to use Uber and Lyft, or hitch a ride.

Continuing to work after retirement can give you financial relief. 

It also gives you purpose.

Gene Uzawa Dorio, M.D.

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